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Welcome to The OFFICIAL Goffstown Republican
Town Committee Website


The following Republicans are running for Goffstown offices:

  • Selectman: Collis Adams
  • Budget Committee (3 years): Joe Alexander Jr., Jeffrey O'Brien
  • BUDGET COMMITTEE (1 year): Gary Gahan (write-in)
  • Library Trustee: Carl D. Foley
  • PLANNING BOARD: Jeffrey O'Brien, Timothy Redmond, Jan Soderquist
  • Sewer Commission: Robert Trzepacz
  • TOWN MODERATOR: Rodney Stark
  • Trustee of Trust Funds: Dan Cloutier (write-in)
  • School Board Member: Ellen Vermokowitz

We recommend the following votes on warrant articles:

  • Town: Article 26 (Increase fire dept size by 67%): NO

    This is a return of the effort to increase the full-time staff of the fire department that was rejected just a few years ago. At the time, the town chose to use an outside ambulance service to insure round-the-clock emergency medical care in Goffstown. In addition, the fire department uses a combination of the full-time firefighters, part-time firefighters, on-call personnel, and mutual aid from other fire departments to answer fire calls during the lower-incidence hours. This system works as it is, which is why the entire board of selectman and the entire budget committee voted against the extra personnel. This proposed growth in the fire department will add up to a million dollars to all future town budgets.

  • School: Article 3 ($695,000 land purchase): NO

    The Superintendent claims that the district wants to buy this land for future need. The immediate proposal is to build athletic fields, although the town is already building a comprehensive set of athletic fields and the taxpayers have already paid for them. In the budget committee hearing, the superintendent also mentioned the relocation of Bartlett and Maple Avenue schools to this property, as well as the school district offices. But then in the school deliberative session, the Superintendent said these were just possible future uses and are not part of current plans.

    This land, which is located in a residential district, has been for sale for several years. It has not been snatched up by a developer because of the high cost of putting in roads and infrastructure, as well as the fact that 30% of the land is in wetlands and is therefore unusable. Apparently it's not too high if the taxpayers are paying for it, though. $695,000 is just the down payment for what may become tens of millions of dollars of extra taxes.

    Building an elementary school next to the high school is probably not the best of ideas, either. It's better to keep the schools in the neighborhoods, where the problems at the high school don't become the problems at the elementary school. So rushing into a land purchase without even consulting the parents of elementary school children -- or the taxpayers in general -- about this ambitious idea is premature.

    The other consideration that the superintendent has chosen to ignore is the fact that school enrollments are going down in New Hampshire, and the number of children that are entering school in the lower grades is going to result in fewer high school students in just 6 years. In addition, not only are more parents choosing to home-school their students, but more parents will have the option of sending their children to other schools under the ESA program, which allows parents to use the state portion of the education tax (up to $3,800 in this coming year) to send a child to another school under HB 183. This bill has already passed the senate and appears to be headed to an approval by the House, and the governor has promised to sign the bill. There are already educational tax credits, which thousands of parents across New Hampshire (including Goffstown) have used to send their children to other schools.

    This trend is clear: declining enrollments are fast approaching, and it simply does not make sense to gamble on expanding school facilities, especially when there is apparently no clear plan of where the school district intends to go with this.

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New Officers for 2018

Emily Sandblade - Chair
John Burt - Vice Chair
Sally Smith - Secretary
Jan Soderquist - Treasurer

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